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Publication Title : Structural, Thermal and Electrical Properties of Li4- 2xZnxSiO4 Ceramic Electrolyte Prepared by Citrate Sol Gel Technique
Author : Mr. Syed Bahari Ramadzan Syed Adnan
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Publication Abstract:
The aim of this work is to investigate the structural, thermal and electrical properties of Zn doped Li4SiO4 synthesized by a sol gel method. The formation of the compound is confirmed by X-ray diffraction study. Thermal properties of the compounds are measured using DSC analysis while the electrical characteristics are investigated by impedance spectroscopy. The introduction of zinc ions considerably raises the conductivity and improves thermal stability of the parent compound Li4SiO4. The compound of Li3.88Zn0.06SiO4 gives a maximum value of 3.2 x 10-5 S cm-1 at room temperature and 1.08 x 10-3 S cm-1 at 500 oC. The charge carrier concentration, mobile ion concentration and ion hopping rate are calculated by fitting the conductance spectra to power law variation, σac (ω) = σo + Aωα. The charge carrier concentration and mobile ion concentration are found to be constant over the temperature range from 303 K to 773 K while mobility of ion increases with temperature implying that the increase in conductivity with temperature is due to increase in ion mobility. The transference number corresponding to Li+ ion transport determined by means of Bruce and Vincent technique shows that majority charge carriers in the compound are Li+ ions.

Publication Title : High incidence and Treatment of Flexor Carpi Radialis Tendinitis after Trapeziectomy and Abductor Pollicis Longus Suspensionplasty for Basal Joint Arthritis
Author : Mr. Low Tze Hau
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Publication Abstract:
We reviewed the incidence and treatment of flexor carpi radialis tendinitis in 77 patients (81 thumbs) who had trapeziectomy and abductor pollicis longus suspensionplasty for thumb carpometacarpal joint arthritis. Eighteen patients, 20 wrists (25%) had flexor carpi radialis tendinitis. The onset was 2–10 months (mean 4.7) after surgery. Two cases had preceding trauma. Eight cases (40%) responded to splinting and steroid injection. Ten patients, 12 wrists (60%) underwent surgery after failing non-operative treatment. Eleven wrists had frayed or partially torn flexor carpi radialis tendon and one had a complete tendon rupture with pseudotendon formation. Flexor carpi radialis tenotomy and pseudotendon excision were performed. All operated patients obtained good pain relief initially post-operatively. However, the pain recurred in two patients after 8 months. One required a local steroid injection for localized tenderness at the site of the proximal tendon stump. The other patient required a revision operation for scaphotrapezoid impingement. Both obtained complete pain relief. Our study has shown a high incidence of flexor carpi radialis tendinitis following trapeziectomy and abductor pollicis longus suspensionplasty. Patients should be warned about this potential complication.

Publication Title : Contribution of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in Country�S H-Index
Author : Mr. Nader Ale Ebrahim
Publisher URL : http://ssrn.com/abstract=2352672

Publication Abstract:
The aim of this study is to examine the effect of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) development on country’s scientific ranking as measured by H-index. Moreover, this study applies ICT development sub-indices including ICT Use, ICT Access and ICT skill to find the distinct effect of these sub-indices on country’s H-index. To this purpose, required data for the panel of 14 Middle East countries over the period 1995 to 2009 is collected. Findings of the current study show that ICT development increases the H-index of the sample countries. The results also indicate that ICT Use and ICT Skill sub-indices positively contribute to higher H-index but the effect of ICT access on country’s H-index is not clear.

Publication Title : Effective Strategies for Increasing Citation Frequency
Author : Mr. Nader Ale Ebrahim
Publisher URL : http://ssrn.com/abstract=2344585

Publication Abstract:
Due to the effect of citation impact on The Higher Education (THE) world university ranking system, most of the researchers are looking for some helpful techniques to increase their citation record. This paper by reviewing the relevant articles extracts 33 different ways for increasing the citations possibilities. The results show that the article visibility has tended to receive more download and citations. This is probably the first study to collect over 30 different ways to improve the citation record. Further study is needed to explore and expand these techniques in specific fields of study in order to make the results more precisely.

Publication Title : Maqasid al-shariah as a complementary framework to conventional bioethics.
Author : Mr. Sh. Mohd Saifuddeen Bin Sh. Mohd Salleh
Associate Prof. Datin Dr. Noor Naemah Binti Abdul Rahman
Dr. Noor Munirah Isa
Ybhg. Prof. Datin Dr. Azizan Binti Baharuddin
Publisher URL : http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs11948-013-9457-0

Publication Abstract:
With the rapid advancements made in biotechnology, bioethical discourse has become increasingly important. Bioethics is a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary field that goes beyond the realm of natural sciences, and has involved fields in the domain of the social sciences. One of the important areas in bioethical discourse is religion. In a country like Malaysia, where Muslims make up the majority of the population, Islam plays a crucial role in providing the essential guidelines on the permissibility and acceptability of biotechnological applications in various fields such as medicine, agriculture, and food processing. This article looks at the framework of a complementary model of bioethics derived from the perspective of Islam. The framework is based on 'maqasid al-shariah' (purposes or objectives of Islamic law) which aims to protect and preserve mankind's faith, life, intellect, progeny, and property. It is proposed that 'maqasid al-shariah' be used as a pragmatic checklist that can be utilized in tackling bioethical issues and dilemmas.

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