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Author : Dr. Zuraidah Binti Abdullah
Associate Prof. Dr. Muhammad Faizal Bin A. Ghani
Publisher URL : http://www.hopejor.tk/

Publication Abstract:
In the context of today's society, education policies are rapidly changing continuously which has forced the education system and continuous improvement to produce global citizens who are able to withstand and compromise the change. Changing and improving the quality of education is a duty that should they take on. Changing in policies in Malaysian contexts since three decades are to improve the quality of education in order to ensure the produce the quality citizens in future. However, initiatives after initiatives introduced by the government are not getting certainty in overall success. This paper highlights the thesis that the key to improve the education system, which ensures the sustainability of school performance improvement is started at the school, where the teachers and the school community as a whole cooperate and collaborate with each other, with a mission to the effectiveness and school improvement. This means that teachers and leaders’ roles as a professional learning community are to keep learning and sharing among each other and increasing their self-professionalism. As a consequence, innovation and improvement will occur in teaching and student achievement. In fact, this improvement does not only focus on student academic but their lives as a human capital.

Publication Title : A review on electricity generation based on biomass residue in Malaysia
Author : Prof. Dr. Masjuki Bin Haji Hassan
Mr. Aznijar Bin Ahmad Yazid
Publisher URL : - none -

Publication Abstract:
Nowadays, biomass is considered as one of the main sources of energy for both developed and developing countries. Malaysia with a large amount of biomass residues as a source of electricity generation is considered as one of the potential countries in this field. This study aims to analyze the potential of recovering energy from major source of biomass residue in Malaysia. For this purpose, the agricultural crop residues and industrial crop waste are investigated. These will contribute substantially to harness a sustainable resource management system in Malaysia to reduce the major disposal problem of biomass residue. The effective use of the waste can supply the required fuel for future electricity generation.

Publication Title : Socially excluded people in Bangladesh: Causes and processes
Author : Dr. Md Rezaul Islam
Publisher URL : http://www.ajsih.org/index.php/AJSIH/issue/view/7

Publication Abstract:
- This paper looks the causes and consequences of social exclusion in Bangladesh. Data were collected from the three Northern districts i.e. Pachagar, Kurigram and Rajshahi in Bangladesh. The study is a rapid assessment in order to know the causes and processes of social exclusion. The primary objective of this assessment is to identify the forms of exclusion which lock particular social groups into poverty and to describe what strategies would be employed in response to these. The study looks social exclusion in different levels such as state, market, society and family in terms of the services to the poor people provided by local institutions including non-government organization (NGO), government organization (GO) and community based organization (CBO).

Publication Title : Indigenous or global knowledge for development: Experiences from two NGOs in Bangladesh
Author : Dr. Md Rezaul Islam
Publisher URL : http://www.academicjournals.org/ingoj/introduction/introduction/Introduction%202012/May/Islam.htm

Publication Abstract:
- There is a crucial debate whether indigenous knowledge (IK) or global knowledge (GK) is more important for a country’s social development. This is widening over time and it is now recognised that IK is much more essential for sustainable development. This paper looks this issue with two communities- blacksmiths and goldsmiths of the two NGOs in Bangladesh. This paper finds that IK in Bangladesh is very valuable, but the quality of IK among the blacksmiths and goldsmiths is very poor that needs to modernize through liquefying GK for social development.

Publication Title : Nature seekers within the urban vicinity
Author : Associate Prof. Dr. Faizah Binti Ahmad
Dr. Ibrahim Bin Mohd @ Ahmad
Dr. Nikmatul Adha Binti Nordin
Dr. Rosilawati Binti Zainol
Publisher URL : www.um.edu.my

Publication Abstract:
This paper presents visitors profiles and motivation to Broga Hill, a nature-based attraction located in Selangor, Malaysia. The objectives of this study are to identify the profile of Broga Hill's visitors and to examine visitors’ motivation factors that attract them to visit the study area, located at the fringe of a highly developed city of Kuala Lumpur. A self-administered survey was carried out to collect primary data from 100 respondents who visited Broga Hill. Non parametric tests were used to analyse the data since they were found to be not normally distributed. Results show that Broga Hill is visited by nature seekers of various backgrounds who were willing to spend almost forty minutes to one hour climbing up the hill because of the fresh air and the beautiful scenery from the hilltop. These are the pull and push factors that motivate visitors attraction to the hill.

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